Below you’ll find links to all the modules where you’ll be able to get stuck right into the CRASH Parenting content and start taking action in your household today!

Remember, it’s not rocket science, but a simple to follow framework that can be applied to practically any situation!

Succinctly, CRASH parenting is about ensuring your  parenting decisions, actions and words are CONSISTENT, RESPECTFUL and ACCOUNTABLE. It stresses a focus on SAFETY and the need to keep your sense of HUMOUR throughout it all.

The CRASH acronym will become an easy to recall framework to guide you in dealing with your teens. Its simplicity means it can be brought out and applied when making decisions, taking action or during discussions.

No step-by-step battles to take and instead it’ll become your umbrella approach that supports your parenting, when you need it to.

Hook into it via the links below!

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