H Stands for… Humour

Humour – it’s the last piece of the CRASH Parenting puzzle and something that crucial to keeping sane while parenting a teen. We all have differing senses of humour and sometimes things just can’t be seen as funny for a VERY long time after they happen.

As the parent of a teen, you’re well advised to nurture your funny bone and sense of humour … they’ll be needed.

Why it’s important to maintain a sense of humour when parenting a teenager…

  • Seeing the funny side of situations and events is a great way of keeping your sanity.
  • Humour helps you maintain your cool in situations where they’re pushing to get a rise from you.
  • It models a coping strategy and shows not all challenging situations need to raise the blood pressure.
  • It encourages the possibility that in years to come, you both may be able to sit down and laugh together.

Tips for maintaining your sense of humour and using it with your teen effectively…

  • Use humour selectively – don’t make a joke out of everything – be mindful of the consistent expectations you are setting and keep serious energy for the big-ticket issues.
  • Don’t attempt to be their buddy and clown around; just don’t take everything too seriously.
  • Remind them of the concept ‘time and place’ – while there may be a place for humour, there will also be time for being serious and they need to learn the difference.

PS. Dad jokes will never be truly funny!


Your CRASH Journaling prompts for this module…

  • Share something you did as a teen that still causes you to chuckle.
  • Did your parents find it amusing at the time?
  • Do you think they did later?
  • Is there something that your teen has done or said, that had you cranky at the time, which you can now look back on and laugh about?

Just to recap

They say laughter is the best medicine… right? Well finding things to laugh about with your teen and taking a lighter look at parenting predicaments is crucial to maintaining your sanity.

Let’s find something to laugh about!

When was the last time you and your teen shared a good belly laugh?

Of course humour is very subjective and what you find funny, your teen possibly will not. And the reverse is true too.

Finding humour with your teen is about locating common ground and letting a light hearted moment create a connection between you.

It’s easy to laugh at funny family memories – they’ll possibly appreciate some of the crazy things they did growing up – or even at yourself along with them when they’re being playful.

It’s important to note that teens are quite sensitive and often don’t appreciate being laughed at so be sure to use humour carefully.

The H in CRASH Parenting is primarily for you though, as a means of reminding you to smile and laugh during the inevitable tough times.

If you can find something to laugh about during the hard times, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to cope with teen-related-trauma!

No download this week. Instead have a chuckle at the video with some funny mum fail moments. Let us know in the Facebook group if you can relate to any of them!

No worksheet with this module… instead giggle at some epic Mum fails!

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