CRASH Parenting Program

The CRASH Parenting a Teen program is an 8-part online program where parents, just like you, receive a framework of support and information around parenting a teenager in today’s world. There’s no time limits and no rush, you can work through and implement the materials at your own pace.

Once purchasing the program, you’ll get immediate access to 8 modules worth of resources which combine to form the CRASH Parenting Framework. There’s not a set of steak knives included in this offer … sorry…. BUT what you will receive is:

  • An understanding of how to relate to and communicate more effectively with your teen.
  • Knowledge of where to seek professional help if … or when … it’s needed.
  • A structured framework for dealing with situations as they arise – big or small.
  • A clearer plan and roadmap for your future parenting.
  • A solid and ongoing support network of parents facing the same family issues as you.

The material is simple and straightforward because, let’s face it, you’ve got more than enough going on in life!

AT ONLY $39 for the entire 8 part program, that’s less than $5 per module which is so much less than many people’s daily takeaway coffee budget!

Is this program for you? Well, it is if…

  • You’re wanting a better relationship with your teen but are unsure of strategies to try.
  • You find it hard not to get overly emotional when dealing with your teenager
  • You are beginning to doubt yourself and feel you’re getting this parenting thing all wrong
  • You realise you don’t really get today’s teen culture and need a heads-up on the issues they’re facing
  • You have tried to talk with your teen about improving your relationship but there were no lasting improvements
  • You are looking forward to fewer restless nights due to worrying about your teen and what they’re up to
  • You are excited by the thought of a more peaceful home where everyone just gets along
  • You are ready to be a more confident and happy parent for your teen
  • You are wanting a simple-to-follow framework to help navigate the hard times

Let’s look at the content…

These resources will give you a solid framework for parenting through the tricky teen times. Mind you, It’s not a how-to guide that will dictate your every word and action… rather it is a process you can follow to make things easier. Delivered online via 8 clearly structured modules, this is what you’ll get:

MODULE 1 – Welcome to CRASH Parenting

  • More about the program and how it came to be.
  • A recommendation to join our closed and private Facebook community if you aren’t already a member.
  • Just a little bit of homework to get you ready for what’s coming up as you dive into the program.

MODULE 2 – C stands for… Consistency – the concept underpinning the CRASH 

  • Tips for regaining consistency
  • Choosing what to be consistent about
  • Setting and communicating your expectations

MODULE 3 – R stands for… Respect – it can’t be demanded but can be taught and practiced! 

  • Factors undermining teens’ respect for parents
  • What does respect actually look like?
  • Respect for your teen
  • Respect from your teen

MODULE 4 – A stands for…Accountability – it’s an important part of growing up!

  • What can happen if a teen isn’t held accountable for their actions
  • 10 steps for stepping back and fostering accountability

MODULE 5 – S stands for… Safety – what parents of teens worry about the most

  • The biology behind risk taking behaviours
  • Some issues you should be aware of
  • How to talk with them about safety… and be heard
  • Tips for keeping them safe in a range of situations

WEEK 6 – H stands for… Humour – without it, you’re at risk of losing your marbles!

  • Why you need your good humour when parenting a teen
  • Tips for finding the funny side when it’s almost too hard to

MODULE 7 – Putting CRASH into action

Applying the CRASH framework to real-life scenarios and how you can adapt it for yourself.

MODULE 8 – The CRASH checklist

A quick reference checklist – think of it as the CRASH cheatsheet. All the points you’ll need to address to guide your parenting, brought together in a simple to follow layout!

Taking this small step today could make a HUGE difference to your household… and at only $39 it’s worth a shot don’t you think?

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