The Self Care SQUAD – launching soon!

When it comes to being a parent, and caring for others, possibly the hardest thing to cope with is the exhaustion that comes from continually putting yourself last. It’s natural for mums, in particular, to relegate themselves to the bottom of the pile…. but in the long term who does this serve? Well, no one really!

You’ve probably seen that meme about filling your own cup before you can pour into others… and it’s true. I’m living proof. The relationship I’ve fostered with my own kids (and the many I deal with daily as a professional) has resulted from hard work. But that never-ending ‘hard work’ has meant taking self-care time to focus on me and has explored areas such as:

  • self beliefs
  • identified areas I’ve struggled with
  • my emotional health and well being
  • how I communicate
  • stretching my comfort zone
  • physical health, wellness and more…


I know that by YOU focusing on that same sort of work, you can go from being in a place of perpetual stress and frazzle to living a life that’s calmer, easier and more rewarding.

So what’s this got to do with parenting teens? Quite a lot actually, because at the end of the day your teen is pretty much independant and it’s only you, your thoughts and your reactions you’ve got control over. More grounded you = happier household… then everybody wins!

You’ll see!

Join the waitlist and be the first to know when the SC Squad launches! There’s no obligation┬áif you put your name down… but there’ll be a special joining offer available to those who express interest below!

Each month, while you’re an active member, you’ll have access to newly released and exclusive member-only resources (PDFs, videos and audio tracks) on topics such as…

  • managing and diffusing anger
  • improved communication
  • relaxation strategies and tips
  • assertiveness and negotiation skills for win-wins
  • happiness journaling
  • self confidence
  • loving without expectation
  • overcoming self sabotage
  • and these are just some of the diverse monthly topics you can expect…

Plus there’ll be

  • essential oil recipes
  • affirmations
  • checklists
  • planners
  • and lots more…

Self Care Squad focusing on YOU is not far away!








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