1150848_31349007Welcome … to the new home of my blog. It’s different … but similar and now it’s alive.

I’m sure Family Survival Coach will lurk around the interwebs for a little bit longer (aherm, until I get time to sort it all out and turn it off) but I’m so very happy to be taking this, more focused, direction. Want to know what’s happened?

For a little while, I’d been feeling like Family Survival Coach was getting a bit too much. I know that I’m not usually one to do things by halves (unless we’re talking about folding the washing, right?) and I realised I may have bitten off more than could be comfortably chewed. The more I tried to apply myself to it, the greater my sense of bewilderment and the more chocolate I consumed. Fail, fail and fail.

It was during a session with my own coach (yes, coaches often get coached themselves) I was asked “why”. In fact it was more along the lines of: “why on earth are you trying to be everything to everyone?” Cue a dropping penny or lightening bolt at this point, your choice (I selected the lightbulb metaphor, myself). My answer was there for the taking –  my experience, passion and skill set involved working with all things adolescent. I’ve always worked with teens and their families, so why stop that focus now? A quick google confirmed the domain name was available … and then …. I set to work, spurred on by some positive feedback at the recent Problogger event..

So, while it may have appeared I was on extended bloggy leave with feet up in the air and sipping cosmopolitans, trust me, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ve been overdosing on caffeine, fingernails and Word Press ‘stuff’ to move forward with this. It’s all still a work in progress, but hey isn’t life itself?

I know there is a need for parents of teens to band together for support … it’s often the hardest phase of parenting. And it’s also when parents can feel the least connected with others.  Support in pre-adolescent years is much easier to find … at play group, kindy committee meetings and outside the school gates at pick up time …… parents of kids talk but parents of teens don’t always get the chance. Now you do.

If you’ve got a teen, or you’re bracing yourself for it, I’d love you to join me on this journey. I’ve got a heap of experience, lots of ideas and an open ear when you need it.

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to Kevin, it’s his 13th birthday 😉

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Chuffed to be joining in with Jess and her IBOT link-up for the first time from this new bloggy home. See you there for some terrific Tuesday reading!

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