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I help parents navigate their way through the challenges of raising a teenager in today’s world! I’m guessing you’re tired of the arguing and backchat… And there’s the feeling you barely know your child any more….

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zero judgement

Teens are not easy and I totally get. I bet you’re doing the best you can with all available resources but it still feels like you’re on the never-ending adolescent roller coaster. Been there, done that, own the T-shirt! Here you’ll find understanding, compassion with no judgey-Mcjudgement. Ever.

practical solutions & suggestions

Forget ‘should’, ‘could’ and ‘would’ and let’s focus on strategies that you can implement today. There’s no perfect parenting (truth!) and improved family relationships often come after lots of ‘trial and error’ steps are taken. Sometimes just changing a few things in the way you communicate can make an unbelievable difference! Nothing to lose… right?

bullshit-free zone

Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush here…. when you’re operating from a place of stress, the last thing you want to hear waffle that goes around in circles but leads nowhere. The real issues being faced by real teens and real parents don’t need sugar coating. Proudly telling it like it is…. for almost 30 years.

Life with a teen doesn’t have to suck.

It was bound to happen! Your once sweet and happy-go-lucky child has just transformed into a walking, grunting and smelly adolescent.

It’s a real shock to the system and I get it! I’ve already parented 2 lads to adulthood and with almost 30 years working with adolescents and families, it means I understand the highs and lows you’re experiencing. I can help with your struggles, so why not back yourself and adopt some argument-stopping phrases into your lingo.

In the heat of a backanswering-slinging match with your teen, playing a ‘stop’ phrase is a clear and respectful way of ending the to-and-fro.

What are some of these phrases you ask? Too easy, I’ve prepared 10 of them for you and many of them you can use in any context and all are available in a single PDF download. With these 10 conflict-busting phrases, you’ll be on your way to more respectful discussions and far less argy-bargy.

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Words of Thanks from grateful parents.

Thank you so much Shari for saving my sanity. When I found you, I was at my wits end with my 13 year old son. I had no confidence in myself or my ability to handle his tantrums and defiance. You have given me strength and guidance in what can be a very difficult time in his life and mine. You have given me information about typical teenage behaviour that I never really knew. So now I can understand what are normal emotions they go through and when to set boundaries. I truly cannot thank you enough for turning my life around and being there to give advice when needed. I now do not feel alone in this journey through adolescence. Thanks again!


Mum of 3

Thanks so much, Shari. I refer to you as “my rock” and “lifeline” now our family is through to the other side of that VERY rough patch. I came to you when I was embarrassed, scared and thought no-one would understand. Not only did you show our family compassion, you gave me words to say and steps to take that eventually brought our boy home to us. Forever grateful and recommend you to everyone struggling with a teenager.


Mum of 2 boys, 1 girl

Just when I thought I was losing my mind, your advice put everything into perspective. I’d really forgotten what a different world today’s teens are growing up in! The insights you shared taught me where I needed to be a bit more flexible – something that wasn’t easy for me. Now all three are through the hardest patch we’ve got a great relationship and get on well. Must say I’m glad it’s over and thanks need to go to you for helping us get there!


No longer frazzled Mum

How can I help you and your family?

Hi. I’m Shari. I’m mum to 2 young adult lads (and a primary school daughter) plus I’ve almost 30 years experience working with adolescents and their families in high school settings. I know I can help you survive the bumpy teen ride. Head here for the full picture on why I’m qualified to support you.

I’ll bring…

  • Articles and information
  • Opinion and advice
  • Checklists
  • Resources
  • Tips and strategies
  • A supportive community of like-minded folk

And you’ll get…

  • The relief you’re understood and not alone
  • A better understanding of today’s teen world
  • Strategies to enhance the relationships within your family
  • The encouragement and support you need to indulge in some self-care

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