Now as the parent of a teen, you may be wondering what on Earth happened to the sweet, chirpy, communicative child you’d raised. Are they in there anywhere?

Would you get satisfactory answers about this even if you asked them directly?

Ahhhhhhh, ok… maybe not.

One of my greatest beliefs is in the wisdom of picking your battles. Sometimes it makes best sense not to unnecessarily ruffle the feathers of a teen in mid-angst don’t you think? And it therefore means these 5 rhetorical questions are possibly best thought and not asked.

To avoid provocation, I doubt these queries of my teens would ever sprout forth from my lips. Should they however slip out, there’s no doubt running for cover would be my very next thing to do.

BUT, tell me truthfully, wouldn’t you just love to ask your teens some of these questions too?

1. When I’m talking to you, why on Earth do you look at me as if I’ve 2 heads?

2. When did texting/snap-chatting/messaging or Facebooking your friends become more important than breathing?

3. How come being nice to me comes only when you want something?

4. Do you really like living in a pigsty like room?

5.  How come you don’t listen when I’m talking to you?

And those 5 would possibly be just the beginning ones.

Alas I don’t think I shall be asking them that’s unless I’m really in the mood to stir up some trouble 😉

What would you love to ask your teen, but know it’s best not to?


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