Investing in a high school tutor for your senior student mightn’t have crossed your mind before, but right now… under these current crazy circumstances I’d recommended it as a great idea if it’s within your financial means.

Students, particularly those in their final year of schooling, have been blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic in more ways than one.

  • The expected – and long anticipated – rites of passage for senior students such as school formals and dedicated ceremonies have at best been put on hold to hopefully be rescheduled… but in some cases cancelled all together resulting in a real sense of loss for the class of 2020.
  • Weeks have rolled by with enforced limited face-2-face contact with peers and the impact of isolation on some kids has been crippling. Social connection is critical to teens and many haven’t coped well in lockdown.
  • Academically, senior students might be feeling a sense of overwhelm and panic as they’re unsure of what allowances might be made for the impact COVID has had on teaching and learning. In particular, the year 12s of QLD who are the first cohort graduating under the new ATAR system – talk about shit hitting fan for them!

As a parent, you want to help, but what can you do?

Well, you can’t control whether or not schools hold their traditional annual ceremonies or events. And you certainly can’t influence the restrictions imposed by governments in response to the pandemic. So much is currently out of our control.

BUT you can support your student to get through this weird time as best they can by investing in a high school tutor.

One-on-one high school tutoring will give your senior student the opportunity to

  • Consolidate any learnt concepts they may be struggling with
  • Ask questions to ensure complete understanding…. without the embarrassment or reservation that may come from asking their teacher
  • Best prepare for upcoming assignments, assessment pieces and exams
  • Boost their academic confidence, especially with final year exams looming
  • Improve skills in time management and study processes – especially important at this crucial time of their schooling

It’s a short-term investment that could have a massive pay off for your teen. If they’re struggling with their schoolwork, and if your budget can be stretched to accommodate, it might just be the difference between them limping or flying over the line.

Please note:

Choosing the best-fit high school tutor is crucial and I’m often asked by parents where to begin looking for someone to tutor their student. Starting with a reputable tutoring agency makes sense if you don’t have a prior connection to someone suitable. I have no affiliation with A Team Tutoring but they’ve come highly recommended to me by others so suggest they’d be a great place to start.

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