Last night, I was listening to something or other on Youtube by an interesting youth worker based in the USA. If you’ve time for googling today, her name is Sky Kooyman and she mentors youth through the performing arts. She’s young, hip and looks to not only know her stuff, but be super cool too.

The clip I listened to had some great insights but it was this ah-haaaaa moment that reeled me in …

Be your kid's bumper

What a great analogy that is, don’t you think?

Our kids are always going to throw the ball down the alley and we can’t stop them from having a go. Sometimes their aim will be a bit wobbly and things may head off track, veering towards the gutters … literally, figuratively or even both.

As parents, if we are the “bumper on their bowling lanes” we can unobtrusively support them. Being there when they need guidance and redirection – just like the bumper – allows teens to safely explore their world whilst knowing you’ve got their back.

I am certain that this will become one of my favourite quotes!

What great parenting analogies have you heard?

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