"everyone is connected ... but no-one is talking" Graham Monro

“everyone is connected … but no-one is talking”
Graham Monro

It’s really a sign of the times, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ve seen it … groups of young people in a social setting (using the term ‘social’ loosely here) where they are physically together but appear alone, each in a world of their own, glued to the screen of their smartphone?

It does seem that absolutely everyone has some type of mobile electronic gadgety thing to keep them connected to worldwide going-ons … but so often it comes at the expense of good ol’ fashioned eye-ball communication, doesn’t it?

Just ask me …. I am a self-confessed iPhone and gadget junkie with a 15 year old Big Boy loving his mobile phone just as much. This then means a real effort is required to ensure that our gadget use is moderated and managed. It can be far too obtrusive … not to mention addictive and time-wasting … otherwise!

I insist on having no gadgets at the dinner table and that eye-contact needs to be made during a conversation. I’m also a stickler for not using gadgets while in shop queues, toilet cubicles (that’s just plain old yuckko) or while in attendance at weddings, funerals etc. I ensure time is made for old-school style talking – with real words, in sentences and without OMGs and LOLs. There haven’t been too many instances needing reprimand … yet.

I work daily with young people who are ALWAYS with phone in hand or pocket and this modern and mobile means of communicating is of huge interest to me. There are so many possibilities for great communication instantly and on the go, yet there is also much potential to be at best distracted and at worst harassed around the clock. It really is a tough one and I can’t see the trend of mobile use ever getting less prevalent.

Are you a little bit addicted to your mobile phone? Do you have rules for gadget use at your place? What peeves you most about the way modern mobile communication devices are used? Would love your thoughts!

* I first published this at www. familysurvivalcoach.com

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