A big hello and thank you for signing up to the CRASH Parenting e Program.

You’ve now got open access to 8 modules of material and downloads to work through at a pace that feels doable for you. Before jumping into the materials though, there’s a back story to share and a couple of things to get organised and ready for upcoming work.

The CRASH Parenting Story in Nutshell

Over the almost 30 years of working with teens and their families, I’ve had opportunity to attend many professional training sessions, read lots of interesting literature and listen to seminars given by experts on adolescent development.
There are countless theories and approaches which have great merit … but once combined can cause information overload. So much advice and too many strategies can be overwhelming when you’re dealing with a range of concerns.
Keeping things simple is my rule of thumb, so I thought about all the behaviour theories and behaviour management strategies I’d learnt over the years and wondered in what ways they were complimentary. 

I drew the conclusion that successfully raising a teen doesn’t have to follow or promote a single expert or practice. There’s much to learn from many places, particularly experience!
I’ve developed the CRASH framework based upon much learning added to significant experience in dealing with teens and their families. Seeing firsthand how adolescents respond to situations … and different styles of communication … has been an invaluable part of creating it.

CRASH Parenting Goals

CRASH is an easy to recall framework to guide you in dealing with your teen. It’s simple and easily applied when making decisions, taking action or during discussions. 
There are no prescriptive step-by-step battles to take; because CRASH provides an overarching approach that supports your parenting, when you need it to.

It’ll NEVER be suggested you’re doing it all wrong because, as a parent myself, I know the job of parenting is damn hard and you’re giving it all you’ve got. This aims to ease the pressure…not increase it!

Simply put, CRASH parenting is about ensuring your decisions, actions and words are CONSISTENT, RESPECTFUL and ACCOUNTABLE. It stresses a focus on SAFETY and the need to keep your sense of HUMOUR throughout it all.

CRASH is something you can focus on during those parenting moments when overwhelm threatens to overtake. And, if you’re parenting a teen this is something you’ll certainly understand!


Your CRASH homework before going any further…

  • Find a dedicated journal or notebook you can use during the program for recording your thoughts and reflections. You will be journalling during each module and it begins today. Yep! Your pre-program journalling prompts are below!
  • Join the Teenage Survival Coach Parenting Teens Chat Facebook group (if you haven’t already) AND introduce yourself and also tell us a bit about your teen(s)


Your CRASH Journaling prompts for this pre-program module are…

  • Write a little about the biggest challenge you are facing right now when it comes to parenting your teen/s.
  • Explore what your greatest hope is for the outcome of undertaking this program
  • Write down 5 wonderful things about your teenager and also 5 positives about your relationship with them (dig deep if you need to!)

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