Helping your child adjust to separation

Family separation is a big deal and what you’re undertaking – or about to – has huge implications for all involved.

Separation brings about a sense of uncertainty for the future, interruptions to routines and either a sense of relief, or grief…. or possibly a smush of both.

While it’s been 14 years since the end of my first marriage I can now look back and say I’m a far better person – and mother – for the experience. And this is what I hope for you too.

Has it been easy? Absolutely and utterly not on your life BUT each day is a step forward and putting your love for the kids first will lead you down the right path.

If you’d like a free download of my report outlining 7 strategies to help support your child adjust to separation, just pop your name in the email form to the right and you’ll get instant access. 


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