It’s that time of the year again… where most people reflect on what has happened over the 365 days of the year 2018. The highs, the lows, the wins, the losses and then their wishes for the year ahead.

SO… Have you overheard your teen discussing their New Year goals and resolutions for 2019? Or have you noticed your teen planning their goals and thinking about what’s ahead before the New Year starts? Why not encourage your teen to adopt some realistic and helpful new year’s resolutions while turning it into a valuable life lesson? The key is proposing age-appropriate and realistic changes, without expecting miracles and all the while supporting them to want what’s really best for them.

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Are you ready for helping your teen to rock it into 2019 with some great plans and goals?

Great! Start with a straightforward conversation with your teen after reading this article and between you make it happen.

If your teen needs some prompting and is unsure of where to start, here are some great resolutions you could discuss with them to include on their 2019 list!

Do A Little Act of Kindness

Yes. You read it right.

Suggest your teen performs a little act of kindness for each month of the upcoming year.

The simple things count and don’t need to cost, such as helping an old lady to her car with the shopping… and more. Instilling this kind of value to your teen will help them feel good about themselves, and helping others, which will unconsciously shape them to be a better and nicer person.

Read More Books and Expand Knowledge

As the saying goes by that “knowledge is power”, help your teen learn more about life through reading as an alternative to gaming or YouTube.

I know. Convincing them to read?… been there too!

Some teens think that reading books is such boring stuff BUT why not challenge them to read at least three-four books per year?

Make the challenge fun and more appealing by offering a little deal on the table.

Let’s say if they finish reading one book, they’ll be rewarded with something practical they’ll surely like.

Start off by suggesting the books at home on your bookcase or downloaded ebooks that have helped you change the way you think about life.

Trust me… they’ll be thankful that they had this deal with you one day.

Learn A New Skill and Hobby

During your light talk with your teen, patiently observe what really sparks their interest and makes their heart pound with excitement.

Support them by showing your interest in helping learn a new skill or enhancing their hobbies. Be their number one support system in bringing up the best in them. Doing this will help you distract them from negative influences around them and will eventually contribute to their personal development as an adult too.

Save Money

Help your teen learn the value of money, how hard it is to earn it and how important it is to save it.

You could start it off by establishing a deal to get higher grades with improvements earning a  little monetary reward.

But in case you’d like to dig in deeper, you could assist them in getting a part-time job that will help them save money. Another bonus of part-time work for teens is the time management skills they learn too!

The key is to help them establish their own savings as this will make them realise that hard work really does pay off.

With all resolutions, just encourage them to always put their best foot forward in whatever they do.

In case you’d like to add something that has worked well with your teen, don’t hesitate to comment in the section below.

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