Getting Help for Substance Related Issues

During adolescence, risk taking is high as is a teen’s curiosity in trying drugs and alcohol. If you suspect your teen is “sampling” substances, this in itself is not out-of-the-park behaviour.

BUT, of course, if you have any concerns about your teenager’s use of alcohol, tobacco or other substances then seeking professional help as soon as possible is important. If you’ve any worries around – frequency of use, quantity used, behavioural changes etc – then making contact with one of the following services below could be a solid starting place.

Please note that Teenage Survival Coach is not affiliated with any of the following sites or does not necessarily endorse any information they provide.


Alcoholics Anonymous

AA has been around for many years and has a solid reputation. Problem drinking is a serious issue in Australia and this organisation can provide support for young people and families.

Australian Drug Foundation

If you are looking for free and reliable information around drug use, harm prevention and available services this site is a great starting point. Drug Infoline ph: 1300 85 85 84

Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre

This national organisation offers comprehensive information on available services. There are links to research, education and  some online interactive self-assessment tools.

National Binge Drinking Campaign

This government site clearly shares the frightening facts around binge drinking and the associated dangers. A great place to point teens as they provide some tips for resisting peer pressure.


While smoking amongst young people is becoming less frequent, any tobacco use causes harm. This site is engaging for teens and provides education and information about cigarettes and the tobacco industry.

Reach Out – Alcohol and other drugs

Reach Out is one of Australia’s most reputable sites for sourcing information to assist young people, parents and educators. Included here are fact sheets, tips for keeping safe and real-life stories.


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