Are you comfortable having the conversation with your teenager about Same Sex Marriage, an issue that’s currently very much talk of the town? Only last week I posted an article about having the hard chats with your teen, and for some parents this topic may prove to be challenging.

I’m not going to make this a political post, but will say upfront my views on this topic are this: I support Same Sex Marriage and have an unwavering belief that same sex couples and their families should have the right to celebrate love, just as heterosexual couples have always been able to. My teenage son knows this is my stance and why. He’s just recently turned 18 and has jumped straight onto the electoral role so he too can have a say on this issue later in the year when the postal vote is held.

I accept there are others who have a differing viewpoint on this topic and while I don’t understand the alternative position, I always respect someone’s right to disagree. That’s life.

I understand too there will be families where parents and their teens have opposing views on the Same Sex Marriage issue and that raising this topic could create tension and disharmony, but is it important to discuss? I believe so, and here’s why…

Teens are already aware of gender diversity and same sex relationships…

During the teen years, many kids explore gender identity and decide their sexual preference. Thinking about your kids in terms of their emerging sexuality may not be something you’re keen to do, but fact is biology will do its thing…. regardless.

If you chat about this with your teen it’s highly likely they know of others who have ‘come out’ as having same sex preferences. Today’s young people are much more aware and accepting of same sex attraction and for those teens exploring their sexuality it’s quite often they fear what mum/dad/grandma will think etc more than they do about telling their friends.

…and wonder what the fuss is about

High profile television stars, musicians, actors and sports people who identify as being in a same sex relationship show our teens today that relationship diversity is not uncommon and is largely accepted by the community. Who decides what ‘normal’ is anyway?

Not only that, there are teens who your child would know and possibly hang out with, coming to school each day from a household with same sex parents. Is it reasonable to ignore the conversation about whether or not the families of these young people should be recognised by law in Australia?

Some points of discussion you can use to raise this issue with your teen…. 

  • how would the life of everyday Australians change should the Marriage Act be amended to allow same sex couples to marry?
  • if religious beliefs are a consideration, does God represent love for all?
  • would or could marriage equality change or reduce the rights or freedoms of others?
  • the process of law reform – should this be a decision made by our elected representatives or should it be taken to an actionable plebiscite?
  • where you’re positioned, what do they believe and what do they hope will be an outcome?

At the end of it all, love in all its shapes and forms though a personal matter is now a public debate. Have you had the conversation with your teen? Will you?

Feel free to jump in on the discussion over at the new closed and confidential Facebook Group to chat about this and other issues. It’s a supportive place and a bullshit-free zone… so see you there!


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